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Riccardo Visioli, a SEO and Web Marketing consultant, helps small and medium-sized businesses, both local and international, grow their business with effective SEO and Digital Marketing strategies.

He has managed over €400,000 in Ads budgets both locally and internationally.

He has worked in 8 countries, including with a major company and Joe Bastianich’s agency, Mirai Bay. Discover how his experience can make a difference for you!

What are AdWords campaigns?

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords campaigns, is Google’s online advertising service, essential for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies.

Through a keyword-based auction system, advertisers can place ads on platforms such as the Google search engine, YouTube, and partner websites, enhancing their online presence via SEM.

Google Ads campaigns help businesses reach their ideal audience with targeting and customization options, allowing them to increase online visibility, traffic, and conversions on their site through effective SEM strategies.

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How can Google Ads help your business?

Google Ads can help your business in various situations and stages of development. Here are some scenarios where the AdWords service can be particularly useful:

Growth and Visibility: If your business is in a growth phase and needs more online visibility, Google Ads can increase your brand’s presence on platforms like the Google search engine and YouTube, reaching a vast audience and attracting potential customers.

Launching New Products or Services: When launching a new product or service, AdWords campaigns can help you promote it quickly and reach your target audience, generating interest and conversions.

Increasing Sales: If your goal is to boost sales, Google Ads allows you to place targeted and persuasive ads in front of users interested in your products or services, facilitating the purchasing process and leading to increased conversions.

Competing in the Market: AdWords campaigns can help you compete with your competitors by giving you the opportunity to place your ads above organic search results, increasing the likelihood that potential customers will choose your offer.

In conclusion, Google Ads can help your business in multiple situations, contributing to the growth, visibility, and long-term success of your enterprise.

But it’s not just about sales for your e-commerce or business; SEM campaigns are also suitable for those looking to engage in lead generation or purely branding activities.

My Google Ads services

I offer a wide range of Google Ads consulting services to assist businesses at every stage of their promotional campaign management, aiming to maximize the value of their investment. Here are some examples of the services I provide:

Google Ads Audit: During a Google Ads audit, I examine your active campaigns, identify your goals and KPIs, evaluate the collected data, and develop an improvement strategy to optimize the performance of your advertising initiatives.

Google Ads Campaign Creation: In this phase, I analyze your industry, competitors, and relevant keywords for your business. Based on this information, I suggest an appropriate strategy and budget, and proceed with creating the campaigns on Google Ads.

Google Ads Campaign Monitoring and Management: Once your promotional campaigns are launched, I monitor their performance daily and make adjustments to ensure excellent results. Additionally, I will propose new strategies and campaign types to further expand your online presence and achieve new milestones.

Rely on my expertise in Google Ads consulting to make the most of your promotional campaigns and help your business thrive in the digital world.

Google Ads Expert

Discover how I can help you increase your revenue with Google Ads.

Why Choose Me as Your SEM Expert

Choosing the right partner to manage your Google Ads campaigns is crucial for achieving effective results and maximizing your advertising investment.

Here’s why choosing me as your Google Ads expert can make a difference:

Firstly, I have managed over €400,000 in Google Ads budgets, demonstrating my ability to plan and optimize ad campaigns for maximum return. Additionally, I have worked with a multinational company on Google Ads, gaining experience in tackling complex challenges and adapting to various business needs.

Lastly, I hold Google Ads certifications that validate my expertise and in-depth knowledge of industry best practices. By choosing me as your Google Ads partner, you will benefit from an experienced, reliable, and certified professional ready to lead your advertising campaigns to success.

Chi sono

I am Riccardo Visioli, a Growth Marketer. In my career, I have managed over €400,000 in budget and executed marketing launches that have generated over €350,000.

I have worked with and continue to collaborate with Joe Bastianich’s web agency, Mirai Bay.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to engage with businesses generating over €50 million in revenue.

I have also taught at the IFTS project by the Lombardy region.

Recently, I spoke on Radio Canale Italia about Growth Marketing.

My Certifications

I am proud to present my Google and SEMrush certifications. However, I want to emphasize that practical expertise and experience are crucial for delivering excellent results. These certifications attest to my dedication and training, but I firmly believe that what truly matters is the ability to apply this knowledge to create effective and customized solutions for each client.

What They Say About Me

A complete marketer, I had the opportunity to work with him on various projects and immediately appreciated his data-driven and results-oriented approach. He is truly a guarantee for managing marketing projects from small to large enterprises.
Daniele Piani
Co-Founder UpperMarketing
I had the opportunity to collaborate with Riccardo Visioli on several marketing and social media projects. Knowing him personally, I can say that his meticulous work ethic is truly admirable. He always delves deep into topics from multiple sources (both Italian and international) and continuously practices, tests, and learns in the field to improve. Moreover, despite being very meticulous and precise, he also possesses a good creative flair, which is undoubtedly appreciated in the marketing field.
Federico Presta
Co-Founder Uppermarketing
Riccardo understood my needs and performed his work with professional meticulousness. For this, I thank him publicly
Carlo Calcina
Agente immobiliare
Riccardo is one of the most competent growth marketers I have ever met. Collaborating with him has allowed me to learn a lot and, more importantly, generate concrete results. He has an excellent short, medium, and long-term vision for business growth and, despite his young age, has accumulated extensive experience in many sectors. It is not easy to find a growth-oriented marketer who is both broad in the 360° development of a business and highly specialized in the specific use of platforms. Personally, he is a reliable, organized, professional, and sincere individual. I recommend Riccardo as a consultant for sustainable and data-driven growth.
Luca Testa
Growth Specialist Mirai Bay
I had the opportunity to meet Riccardo personally a few years ago, and since then, I have come to appreciate his impressive technical and communication skills. He has a brilliant mind and is capable of providing great ideas, while also being willing to listen to others and take on challenges. Riccardo is an exceptional Digital Marketer, and it would be a significant advantage for anyone who has the opportunity to work with him.
Mirko Crafa
Sales Manager Outbrain
Riccardo has been instrumental in elevating our digital marketing strategy. His expertise in Google Ads and SEO has significantly boosted our online presence and sales
Stefano M
Esperto in sviluppo commerciale dei mercati asiatici

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